The Passive Project

Does any of this sound familiar?


“I keep trying to figure out this whole online business thing. I put in a ton of hours, I create content, I’m active on social media, I am trying to build a following, but nothing is moving the income needle.”

“I hate trading time for money selling a service. That was great at first, but now I feel stuck. I am done with that model and ready to make money without being at the beck and call of my clients.”

“I want to live a life of freedom. I am so DONE with the 9-5 hustle. I have a burning passion to make an impact, make an income, and start living life on MY terms.”


There is a better way.

Create a thriving business with effective passive income strategies, so that you can do what you want, when you want.

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The Passive Project Roadmap

Want the step-by-step guide on how to create a thriving passive-income based business? Snag The Passive Project Roadmap. We will walk through our 5-step method, so you are crystal clear on the steps you need to take build your business.

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Hi! I’m Gemma.

I have two young kids, a wonderful husband, a home I love, and a 6-figure passive-income business that gives me the freedom to work from home, take random Wednesdays off to play with my kids, volunteer in my community, travel, and live the life I want. I have always had big dreams and an unwillingness to compromise, and I think you should too.


So, what is The Passive Project?

The Passive Project is a membership community for online entrepreneurs who want to create, grow and scale highly profitable passive-income based businesses.

But hang on a sec. Are you sitting there thinking… but what the heck IS “Passive Income”??

Passive income as an online entrepreneur refers to when you make money on autopilot, or on a residual basis. The idea is that you create something once, and sell it over and over again.

As an online business owner, the passive income streams you might use in your business could include online courses, a membership community, affiliate marketing, a dropship-based ecommerce store, or most likely, a mixture of several of these elements. The answer will depend on you, your niche, and your audience. Did you know the average millionaire has 7 streams of income?

We have created The Passive Project METHOD: a full-proof series of 5 critical steps for growing a passive income business.

Whether you are new to online biz or have been doing this a while, we show you the gaps you might be missing in your business and how to move through the Method to build and scale your biz like WOAH.

But this membership isn’t just about giving you content.

Sure, content is great. But what a lot of entrepreneurs need is accountability to IMPLEMENT. We host regular coaching calls. We have pop-up events. We host hot seats. We have office hours. We discuss the latest and greatest business books. And we keep each other accountable so that we are ALL growing our businesses successfully.

One of the best things about The Passive Project is that all of the information is up to date and in real-time. We ain’t talking about strategies that worked 5 years ago that aren’t relevant today.

We are in this together. So buckle up, and let’s create that business of your dreams. And get ready to level up with some business besties while you’re at it.

What’s included in the membership?

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Monthly Q&A and Hot Seats

Every month we host a live coaching Q&A call. We go through latest strategy and do 3 hot seats. On the hot seat, we will deep dive into YOUR business and provide you with clarity, strategy, and growth tactics to implement ASAP.


You get access to The Passive Project METHOD: A 5-step framework that shows you exactly how to create and scale a passive income stream so that you can build the business of your dreams.

Quarterly Live Biz Planning Days

Within The Passive Project we work on a 90-day calendar. Every single quarter, we will get together for a live biz planning day and plan out our goals, profit strategy, and task lists to crush it in the next 90 days.

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One of the most critical things to push you forward in your business is to be accountable to someone. You need a biz bestie who is going to hold you accountable to those goals you set. We facilitate this for you inside the membership!

Exclusive Trainings

We bring in the cream of the business crop for exclusive members-only workshops . You know those mentors you follow on IG? Yep, they do pop-up’s for The Passive Project. No need to pay extra. You get these fo' free on the inside.

Private Facebook Group

Come hang and get nerdy about business with the rest of the members in our private community. This is literally the BEST part of the membership. Connect, bounce ideas off each other, collaborate, and share all the GIFs.


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