My story.


Welcome to The Passive Project!

I’m Gemma Bonham-Carter, and I’m SO excited that you have landed here.

So, who am I and what is The Passive Project all about?

Well, let me back up for a sec and start at the beginning of my story.

I started a home decor and lifestyle blog way back in 2010 called The Sweetest Digs. My husband and I had just bought our first fixer upper home and I wanted to share our renovations and updates with friends and family. It was a total hobby project. Little did I know that I would fall head over heels in love with blogging and online entrepreneurship…

After several years, I started to monetize my blog and did #allthethings to turn it into a profitable business.

I’m not joking when I say I have tried EVERYTHING to grow my business. From display ads, affiliate marketing, working with brands, launching an online shop, hosting local DIY workshops, offering decorating services, offering website/tech support, and selling digital products - I have done it ALL.

I was perpetually in hustle mode. Spinning my wheels and working myself to the bone to make this online business thing work. But despite all that work, growth seemed SO slow.

During this time I had my two babies, and I was determined not to go back to my 9-5 office job. I wanted to be home for them, set my own hours, and life a more free life. But I needed to make a real income, and not sacrifice all my time to do it (the point was to have MORE time for life - not give it all up to business).

After doing ALL the experimenting and testing out different models, I realized that the key to a life of freedom was passive income.

I stopped all the services I was selling.

I stopped trying to work my way up as an “influencer” to work with brands (because, ugh).

And I focused (hard) on passive income streams: Digital products, Ecommerce (dropship style - the most passive you can get with physical products), and affiliate marketing.

I learned some major lessons along the way, figured out what key pieces of the puzzle you need in order to be successful with passive income (and what you DON’T need to focus on), and scaled my three online businesses. Repeatedly.


And now?

In 2018 I hit my first multiple 6-figure year.

It felt incredible.

I went from hustling. Spinning my wheels. Trying to do all the things.

To working 5 hours a day (and never on the evenings or weekends) with complete clarity and ease.

I know what my goals are, my profit projections, and exactly how to get there every single month.

And the best part?

I am contributing to my family in a BIG way. I can take Wednesdays off to just hang with my kids. We can afford to travel multiple times a year. My husband can work less. Ultimately, my business is changing our lives.

The Brodhead Family-29.jpg

Want to join me?

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I would love to help you build your dream business, and create that freedom life.

You’ve got everything it takes to do this.