Hot Seats

Every month Gemma conducts 3 hot seat calls. This is where you can hop on with Gemma for a 20-minute one-on-one session to chat all about your business. These hot seat calls with be public, and we allow all other members of the community to hop on and listen. Some of the best learning can be done by listening to what others’ are struggling with in their businesses!

All hot seats take place on Zoom right here:

Hot Seat 2019 Calendar:

We rotate the weekday and time of the hot seats between Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so that there will be an opportunity for it to work at some point with everyone’s calendars!

Here is the schedule for 2019:

  • Tuesday May 21 at 2:00pm EST

  • Tuesday June 18 at 10:00am EST

  • Wednesday July 17 at 2:00pm EST

  • Tuesday August 20 at 10:00am EST

  • Wednesday September 18 at 2:00pm EST

  • Tuesday October 15 at 10:00am EST

  • Wednesday November 20 at 2:00pm EST

  • Tuesday December 17 at 10:00am EST

Want to apply for a hot seat? Fill out this form right here, and we will inform you when it is your turn!

Hot Seat Video Archives:

April 2019

Focus: creating the right lead magnet and funnel for a health and wellness membership community, using blog content to drive sales, tackling overwhelm and the “dunning kruger” effect

March 2019

Focus: using Pinterest to drive traffic, niching down, instagram tips for engaging and listening to your audience


February 2019

Focus: online courses, eBooks, and building your ascension model

**Please note: We forgot to hit “record” for the first 20 mins or so of this hot seat. So sorry!!