Resource Page: List Building

As you saw in the video lesson, list building is vital to the success of your business. You can utilize a number of strategies and platforms to drive organic (ie. free) traffic to your lead magnet.

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List-Building Strategies:

Utilizing Instagram:

  • Ensure lead magnet link is in profile

  • Mention lead magnet at end of stories regularly (have story images you can re-use consistently)

  • Do instagram story “introductions” with other IG colleagues and promote each other’s accounts and lead magnets

  • Mention your lead magnet from time to time in your IG posts

Utilizing Facebook:

  • Lead magnet link in FB page or on FB group profile

  • FB posts encouraging lead magnet opt-in (on your page and in your group)

  • Create a “pinned post” at the top of your FB group with lead magnet information

  • Mention your lead magnet in other FB groups where it makes sense and provides value (don’t be spammy!)

  • Anytime you do a FB Live, mention and include your lead magnet link in the caption

Utilizing Interviews and Press:

  • Include your lead magnet link with your bio for any podcast interviews you do

  • Write guest posts for other websites (with same target audience) and include your lead magnet link within the article and at the bottom, along wiht your bio

  • Pitch yourself to relevant websites and publications regularly for press mentions

Utilizing Pinterest:

  • Create 10-20 different pinnable images using Canva for your lead magnet and upload to Pinterest (with the URL being your landing page)

  • Pin these pins to group boards, your own boards, and Tailwind Tribes (if using Tailwind) repeatedly

  • Try out new imagery every 3-6 months

  • Eventually you might put some money behind the high performing pins with Pinterest Ads (discussed in the ‘Scale’ step of The Passive Project)

Utilizing Your Website:

  • Include obvious opt-in boxes in all website articles for your lead magnet (top and bottom of articles)

  • Have a clear lead magnet opt-in on your homepage - make it easy to see!

  • Possibly include a bar along the top of your website (can do this using HelloBar or LeadPages) or a pop-up to increase lead magnet conversions

Utilizing YouTube:

  • Include opt-in links and buttons throughout your YouTube page and within each video to lead magnet

  • Promote your lead magnet at the end of each video, prompting viewers to snag it

Utilizing Partnerships:

  • Teach a lesson inside of someone else’s Facebook Group on your topic and promote your lead magnet to their audience

  • Do an instagram takeover for someone and advertise your lead magnet (same target audience, but not a direct competitor)

  • Send a testimonial review for a course or product you purchased and include your link - the creator will love it, likely use it on their website/social media, and you will benefit from their audience seeing YOUR name!

Other Mentors to Follow:

Check out their free resources on their websites and sign up for their email lists. These folks are the real deal! :)

Instagram —> Tyler McCall

Facebook —> Courtney Foster-Donahue (“FB Framework”)

Pinterest —> Meagan Williamson, Melyssa Griffin

YouTube —> Jessica Stansberry, Sunny Lenarduzzi