The METHOD: An Overview


Before we dive into The Passive Project Method, it is really important that you watch these videos. They will set the stage for everything you will learn inside of The Passive Project.

First we give an overview of what to expect with the Method and I’ll spill on what my own definition of “passive income” really is. Then we get into mindset - a critically important piece of the puzzle if you want success in your business (and life!). And lastly we will talk about a key understanding I need you to know before moving forward.

Let’s do this!

Video #1: The Passive Project Method Overview


Video #2: What is “passive income”?


Video #3: The Importance of Mindset


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Video #4: Everything is Data

That’s it for the Overview videos. Head on over to the Facebook Community and let us know what your biggest “aha” or lightbulb moment was. Have we changed your thinking or perspective in some way?