The METHOD Step 2:


Welcome to Step 2!

Now that you have a rock-solid foundation and have created your first passive product, it’s time to get seen by the right people. You need to cultivate an audience, attract them onto your email list, and build a trusted connection with them.

The Attract step consists of a few phases:

  1. You create one amazing free offer that relates directly to your paid product (your lead magnet).

  2. You promote that lead magnet where your potential target customer hangs out (instagram, facebook, podcasts, YouTube, press mentions, etc.). For now, we are focused on free, organic traffic channels and later in the Scale step of the method, we will tackle using paid advertising (FB ads, IG ads, Pinterest ads, etc) to ramp it up. You don’t want to invest in ads at this stage when you don’t yet have a proven, converting sales funnel yet.

  3. You grow your email list using that lead magnet, and nurture your subscribers with consistent, great content.

  4. You create an email sales funnel that sells your paid product. You live launch it first (possibly two or three times until you have it converting well), and then eventually will automate and turn it on evergreen.

Watch the lessons below as we deep dive into this step. This isn’t something you’ll be able to quickly check off your list. Building out your lead magnet, email funnel, and overall content strategy is going to take time, but will become the main driver and focus of your passive income business.

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Quick Links:

Download the Step 2 Workbook:

Click here to download the Step 2 Workbook (PDF).


Lesson: ‘Attract’ Overview

This lesson lays the foundation for what we are going to accomplish in the ‘Attract’ step of the Passive Project Method.


Lesson: Crafting Your Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet is what you use to get people onto your email list. Watch the lesson for more on what to create that is going to resonate with your audience, and the tech tools you need to get it setup.

—> Click here for the Lead Magnets Resource Page.


Lesson: How to Drive Leads and Build Your List

Now that you have your lead magnet ready to go, it’s time to drive leads into it. Audience building is the very core of your business, no matter what your niche or subject matter. You can’t have a business without an audience, so this should be front and centre of what you do everyday.

—> Click here for the List Building Resource Page.


Lesson: Email Funnel Basics

The ultimate way to sell a digital product, an affiliate product, or a physical product is an EMAIL FUNNEL. So what even is a funnel and how do you create it? Watch the lesson below!

—> Click here for the Email Funnels Resource Page.


Lesson: Email Funnels for Digital Products, Part 1

Let’s dive into email funnels for digital products.

You are going to want to use this information to help you build out a funnel for an online course, a membership program, or any kind of other digital product you will offer your audience. Because the product is digital, this funnel is all about storytelling, inspiration, and connecting with your reader.

This video walks you through a CRITICAL exercise you need to do BEFORE you write any of your email sales copy or marketing materials.

—> Click here for the Email Funnels Resource Page.


Lesson: Email Funnels for Digital Products, Part 2

Now that we have gone through that big exercise in the last video, we are ready to start putting it all together into an actual funnel.

Get your pen and notebook ready for this one.

—> Click here for the Email Funnels Resource Page.


Lesson: Email Funnels for Affiliate Products

Using emails funnels to sell affiliate products in your business can be an amazing way to help diversify your income streams. Have a listen to understand how these particular funnels work, a sample framework, and some of the unique elements you want to think about before you start creating them.

—> Click here for the Email Funnels Resource Page.


Lesson: Email Funnels for Physical Products (ECommerce)

This lesson is ONLY for people who are wanting to integrate selling physical products into their overall business plan. There are a few very ecommerce-specific funnels that you can integrate when running an online shop that we go over below!

—> Click here for the Email Funnels Resource Page.


Lesson: The Importance of Urgency

Here’s a fact: People will always wait to buy something - they will wait another day, another week, another month - unless there is a reason for them to make the decision NOW.

You need to have urgency built into your sales funnel. Watch the video below to understand how and where to do this.

—> Click here for the Email Funnels Resource Page.


Lesson: Upsells and Downsells

Upsells and downsells are sales techniques you can use to increase your overall revenue. Listen up to understand how to incorporate them into your funnels for no matter what you are selling!

—> Click here for the Email Funnels Resource Page.


Lesson: Building an Ongoing Relationship through Email

How you can flip the way you create content in order to nurture your email list AND make your content stretch waaaaay further.


Lesson: Watching the Data

Your business NEEDS to be driven by data. But how do you know what to track and whether your numbers are meeting industry standards? Watch below to understand the KPIs you should be tracking and get ready to get math-y with me ;)

How to Live Launch

You are going to always need to live launch any digital product before you automate the sales process. Listen up to hear more about the 4 phases of a live launch, how to plan it all out, and some math behind how to predict income.