The METHOD Step 3:


Welcome to Step 3!

Now that you have built out your funnel, it’s time to start driving leads into it. You need to cultivate an audience, attract them into your email list, and build that trusted connection with them.

The Attract step consists of a few phases:

  1. You create one amazing free offer that relates directly to your paid product (your lead magnet) and leads into your automated funnel.

  2. You promote that lead magnet where your potential target customer hangs out (instagram, facebook, podcasts, YouTube, press mentions, etc.). For now, we are focused on free, organic traffic channels and later in the Scale step of the method, we will tackle using paid advertising to ramp it up. You don’t want to invest in ads at this stage when you don’t yet have a proven, converting sales funnel yet.

  3. You grow your email list using that lead magnet, put those leads through your funnel, and watch the data so you can improve your conversion rate over time.

**You might notice that a few of these videos say “Step 2: Attract”. We re-worked the method slightly, so please ignore that error! :)

Quick Links:

Download the Step 3 Workbook:

Click here to download the Step 3 Workbook (PDF).

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Lesson: Crafting Your Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet is what you use to get people onto your email list and into your funnel. Watch the lesson for more on what to create that is going to resonate with your audience, and the tech tools you need to get it setup.

Lead Magnet Ideas:

  • Webinar (aka. “masterclass” “workshop” “training”)

  • A video series or 5-day challenge

  • An email course on your topic (“free email course to help you go from frazzled mama to meal planning superstar!”)

  • Any kind of cheatsheet, checklist, or valuable download of some kind (make sure it directly relates to your eventual paid offer)

  • A set of templates, presets, or any kind of usable “fill in the blank” type of content

  • A Quiz (you would be amazed at how much people love a good quiz!!!)

Software required:

  • Create graphics, workbooks, or any kind of downloadable in Canva

  • Record videos using QuickTime, Zoom, Camtasia or Screenflow

  • Host videos using Vimeo or YouTube

  • For webinar software requirements, see ‘Step 2: Build’ section

Creating a Landing Page that Converts:

One of the critical pieces to a lead magnet that converts is a beautiful landing page or opt-in box. Something that looks amateur and badly designed is NOT going to entice people to opt in. Remember to be data-driven. Create your landing page, but then be open to testing and tweaking it over time to get your conversion rates up.

I personally love LeadPages for landing page creation, as their templates are beautiful and easy to edit.

Here are some best practices for creating a landing page that converts:

  • Don’t have too many boxes to fill out. Name and Email are all you need.

  • Have a very bright, clear button for signing up. There are a lot of opinions out there on colour, but generally just something that is bright (yellow, orange, red) with very easy-to-read text.

  • Try to keep your Call to Action (the text in your button) short and to the point. “Get your eBook”, “Sign up”, etc. Stay away from “go”, “subscribe” and “submit” (not specific enough).

  • Don’t write a novel. Keep your text as short as possible. Write out everything you want to say, then cut it in half! Remember that someone is going to land on the page and make a decision within about 5 seconds. Describe the key benefits to the reader that they will get by opting in to the lead magnet. Think - “what’s in it for them?”.

  • Use a large enough font so that everyone can read it. Keep your text black or a very easy to read colour.

  • Test your landing page on desktop and mobile devices so you know it looks good on both.

  • Have breathing room or whitespace on your landing page. A cluttered landing page is going to appear confusing and overwhelming to the visitor.

  • A/B test different versions of your landing page and change up the main photo, the title, etc. This will help you hone in on what converts the best.

  • Keep the colours consistent with your brand.

  • Make the whole sign up process as easy as possible. Not a ton of buttons or things to fiddle around with. The shorter the landing page, the better.


Lesson: How to Drive Leads & Build Your List

Now that you have your lead magnet ready to go, it’s time to drive leads into it. Audience building is the very core of your business, no matter what your niche. You can’t have a business without an audience, so this should be front and centre of what you do everyday!

Even if you don’t have your automated sales funnel built out yet, you should still start building your list with a lead magnet! Put it out there, grow your audience, and nurture that list with regular email newsletters. Then once you have time to create your funnel, you can send all of those warm leads who are on your list straight into it!

Below I have listed all the ways you can drive leads into your funnel using various platforms and strategies.

DO NOT get overwhelmed!! Pick 1 or 2 platforms and focus. You do not need to do everything all at once (in fact, you SHOULDN’T).

How to drive leads from Instagram:

  • Have your lead magnet opt-in be your link in profile (or at least very prominently on your link.tree or similar page)

  • Create 3-4 IG Story images that highlight your lead magnet (1st one: something your audience struggles with, 2nd one: ask a provoking question, 3rd one: then you’ll love my ____!, 4th one: info on how to opt in). Post these Story Images after your regular instagram stories about 3 times a week. Don’t worry about bombarding your audience. As long as you are consistently putting out fresh and fun stories on a daily (or near daily) basis, having these mixed in is no problem!

  • Mention your lead magnet from time to time in your IG captions

  • Mention your lead magnet from time to time in your stories casually (actually talking about it - not just the carousel images as described above)

  • Encourage people in your stories to DM you if they want more info on your topic, then send them to the opt in page for your lead magnet or ask for their email address and add them directly

How to drive leads from a Facebook Page:

  • Use the “sign up” button on your business Facebook Page settings and point it toward your lead magnet, not your homepage.

  • Promote your lead magnet in your Facebook Page’s cover image (and maybe even have a little arrow that points to the “sign up” button under the cover image). You can create cover images in Canva.

  • Anytime you do a Facebook Live video on your page, have your lead magnet opt-in link in your video caption/description and also mention it at the middle and end of your video to encourage people to sign up.

  • Have a few rotating posts that you have scheduled to your Facebook Page where you encourage sign ups of your lead magnet. Schedule these using whatever social media scheduling tool you prefer (I personally use and love SmarterQueue!)

How to drive leads from a Facebook Group:

  • Have a “pinned post” at the top of your group that welcomes people to the group and encourages them to go sign up for your lead magnet. Include an image in this post that has a graphic illustration of your lead magnet.

  • Do live videos in your group that funnel people into your lead magnet. The whole purpose of the live video should be to get people into your list and funnel. Doing thought-provoking content, hitting on your member’s pain points and struggles, and then point them to your lead magnet for answers.

  • If you do threads in your group, have your lead magnet link inside the caption for those threads where it makes sense. Remember that new people are coming into your group all the time, and we want to be sure everyone gets on our email list.

  • Have “questions” that people need to answer before they join your group. One of these questions should be whether they are on your email list (make it a “requirement” to join your group). Include the lead magnet link in those questions to make it easy for them to sign up.

How to drive leads from your website:

  • Have a very obvious place on your homepage where you advertise your lead magnet. It might have the opt-in box directly on the homepage, or a very clear button to press to go to your landing page.

  • Have your lead magnet advertised very clearly throughout each blog post and on any relevant websites pages. Don’t just have a link - include a graphic and a link!

  • Use a bar along the top of your website that highlights your lead magnet. You can use HelloBar for this.

  • If you do have blog articles on your website, have a sidebar where you advertise your lead magnets (create visually appealing graphics in Canva for this)

How to use Pinterest to drive leads:

  • Create 10-20 different pinnable images for your lead magnet and upload them to Pinterest (make sure the URL is pointing to your opt-in page). Pin these pins to your boards, group boards, Tailwind Tribes, etc. The wider the reach, the better! Pinterest is a long-game, so you’ll need to get these out there, keep looping them on your boards, and eventually they will start to gain traction.

  • Do a refresh on your Pinterest graphics every 4-6 months. Try out new images and pin them. Monitor your analytics to see which drive the most traffic to your lead magnet opt-in page.

  • Work on your overall Pinterest strategy in general to increase traffic. If you write blog content, make sure you have very clear opt-in’s from within each blog post to get people onto your email list. Have a few pinterest-friendly graphics for each blog post and pin them to your boards, group boards, and Tailwind Tribes.

**See the Bonus section for a great workbook from Meagan Williamson about creating the perfect pinnable graphic!

How to drive leads from YouTube:

  • Include your lead magnet opt-in link in your video descriptions

  • Make your lead magnet opt-in link the button that shows up on your videos

  • Mention your lead magnet at the beginning, middle, and end of your videos and direct people on how to get it (don’t just assume they will see the link - actually call out the lead magnet)

  • Anywhere you have a button or place to put a link on your YouTube page, make sure it’s directing people to your lead magnet

How to use interviews to drive leads:

  • Press mentions are huge!! Pitch yourself to publications and other websites (the bigger the better!) who accept guest contributions. Write a great article that they can use, and include your lead magnet opt in at the end of your article and in your by-line. Obviously the more related to your lead magnet the article, the better. Sign up for HARO (“help a reporter out”) to find press publications who are looking for guest experts.

  • Pitch yourself for podcasts. There are so many out there! Put together a standard pitch email that includes who you are, what you do, and some insightful, thought-provoking subject areas you could talk about on the podcast. Send it out to a whole ton and see what you can land! The more we put ourselves out there, the better. And once you have one under your sleeve, you can use that in your pitch to others. Don’t start with the huge podcasts - start with smaller ones and work your way up. Once you do land a podcast, make sure your lead magnet is mentioned in your interview and included in the “show notes” for the podcast.

How to use partnerships to drive leads:

  • Do you know of any other Facebook Groups that have your same target audience (but where the FB Group owner is selling a non-competing product)? Get in touch with them and ask if you can offer a mini video training for their group for free! Offer some great value and include a link to sign up for the lead magnet at the end of your training (“want to know more? I have this free _____ you can sign up for!”). This can work especially well if you can get into larger Facebook Groups that have good engagement.

  • Identify some people on Instagram in your same niche, but who sell a non-competing product to yours. DM them and ask if they would be interested in doing a “follow friday” type of shout-out. You mention them in YOUR instagram stories and talk about their lead magnet, and they mention YOU in their instagram stories and mention your lead magnet. It’s a win for both of you, as you introduce each other to your audiences. If you did this once a week, I have no doubt you would grow your audience incredibly quickly! And you would also grow your network of biz buddies. Total win. Don’t be shy to reach out - the worst that can happen is they say no (which frankly… bye felicia! No biggie!).

  • Think about what software or products you have used in your business. Write up a glowing testimonial for that company, include your name, brief bio, and link to your website, and send it to the company. Try to include numbers if at all possible (“using ____, I was able to _____”). Any company LOVES getting a testimonial, and they will very likely share this with their audience. They might share it on their social media and tag you, or even include you on THEIR homepage and have that link to your website. This will inherently send traffic to your site, and those who are a good fit will likely sign up for your lead magnet on your homepage (remember to make it obvious!). When thinking through what companies to do this for, try to think about the size of the company (the bigger the better), but also their target audience. If their audience and your audience are a close match, amazing! Even if it isn’t a close match, try it anyway and see how it goes. Either way, having your name shared by a big company can give you some street cred.