The METHOD Step 2:


Welcome to the Build step of the Passive Project Method!

Now that you have a deep understand of your product, it’s time to start actually building your funnel.

In this module, we will look at a few different types of funnels below, and you’ll have to decide which is the right fit for your product. We walk through some templates, what emails to send and when, and how to incorporate story-telling, connection, and urgency throughout your funnel.

Building your funnel isn’t something you’ll be able to just quickly check off your list. It takes time, thoughtfulness, and a lot of prep and moving pieces. But here’s the thing: just create one and get it out into the world. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to have all the elements you want it to. Just get it going. From there, you can watch the data and test and tweak as you go. Over time, you will get better and better at diagnosing what parts of your funnel aren’t performing, and how to improve them. It’s a continual improvement process (I still regularly tweak my funnels and incorporate new things to improve them!).

*You might notice that in some of the videos below we say “Step 2 Attract”, which was the name of this step before we re-worked the method slightly. Please ignore! ;)

Step 2 Quick Links:

Download the Step 2 Workbook:

Click here to download the Step 2 Workbook (PDF).



Lesson: Email Funnel Basics

The ultimate way to sell a digital product, an affiliate product, or a physical product is an EMAIL FUNNEL. So what even is a funnel and how do you create it? Watch the lesson below!


Lesson: Email Funnels for Digital Products

We are ready to start putting it all together into an actual funnel!! In this video, you’ll notice I say “in the last lesson” — this is referring to the “Clarify your Offer” lesson in Step 1! :)

Get your pen and notebook ready for this one.

Lesson: How to use Video in Your Funnel

One of the most important elements in your funnel to build that connection and trust with your audience, is the use of VIDEO. But don’t worry - this doesn’t have to be fancy or intimidating! Watch the video lesson and then head over to the Email Funnels Resource Page for the webinar outline and more.


Lesson: The Importance of Urgency

Here’s a fact: People will always wait to buy something - they will wait another day, another week, another month - unless there is a reason for them to make the decision NOW.

You need to have urgency built into your sales funnel. Watch the video below to understand how and where to do this.


Lesson: Upsells and Downsells

Upsells and downsells are sales techniques you can use to increase your overall revenue. Listen up to understand how to incorporate them into your funnels for no matter what you are selling!


Lesson: Watching the Data

Your business NEEDS to be driven by data. But how do you know what to track and whether your numbers are meeting industry standards? Watch below to understand the KPIs you should be tracking and get ready to get math-y with me ;)

Data Tracker:

We get even further into Data Analysis and Key Performance Indicators of ‘Step 4: Scale’ of the Passive Project Method. If you’d like to download the 'Data Tracker’ that comes into play then, go ahead. You’ll just want to ignore the metrics that involve any kind of paid advertising for now! :)

Click here for the ‘Data Tracker’ spreadsheet.

Open in Google Drive, click File —> “Make a Copy”. Save this to your own google drive and start filling out for your business!


Lesson: How to Live Launch

You don’t ALWAYS have to live launch a new digital product before you can automate the funnel, but I do encourage it. I often use a live launch to validate my initial concept and demand for the product. Watch the lesson for the 4 phases of a live launch, how to plan it out, and some math behind how to predict income. Once you’ve gone through a live launch, you can use your launch email series and re-purpose them for your automated email funnel.


Lesson: Building an Ongoing Relationship through Email

Even once you have an automated sales funnel up and running, you still want to send regular newsletters to your subscribers. This will allow you to continue to build that relationship with them. Somebody may come on your list, go through your funnel, and not buy, but that doesn’t mean they won’t buy down the road. It’s important to keep them on your list, nurture them, and then offer them another chance to buy your product down the line.

Use the content creation method we talk about in the video to flip the way you create content - it will allow you to nurture your email list AND make your content stretch waaaaay further.

By this point you should have started to sketch out and build your funnel. Hop into the Facebook Group and let us know how it’s going!!!

Passive Project Method Round Two (don’t watch these yet!) ;)

The lessons below are specifically for AFTER you have gone through the Passive Project Method the first time (completely!) with your main digital product. Once you have done that, then you’re allowed to come BACK through it again to diversify your income sources, and use the videos below if they pertain to you.

Do NOT watch these lessons and try to implement five funnels at once for your business. It will be too overwhelming and you won’t give the time required to properly create and scale your primary funnel.

Capiche? ;)

Lesson: Email Funnels for Affiliate Products

Using emails funnels to sell affiliate products in your business can be an amazing way to help diversify your income streams. Have a listen to understand how these particular funnels work, a sample framework, and some of the unique elements you want to think about before you start creating them.


Lesson: Email Funnels for Physical Products (ECommerce)

This lesson is ONLY for people who are wanting to integrate selling physical products into their overall business plan. There are a few very ecommerce-specific funnels that you can integrate when running an online shop that we go over below!