The METHOD Step 1:


The first step in The Passive Project Method is ‘Illuminate’.

In order to sell your product effectively, we need to clarify your offer and really understand how to frame your product to your audience. We need to get into understanding the pain points, the mistakes your audience is making, their struggles, their beliefs, and the transformation your product is offering them. You need to get clear on these pieces FIRST, so that you can build out a funnel that is actually going to convert.

By mapping out all of this in the illuminate module, it will make writing your email copy and creating the elements for your funnel so much easier.

What we cover in Step 1:

  • Clarifying your product offer (we’re diving DEEP into what it is you’re actually selling)

  • Developing your signature framework (what it is, why it’s important, and how to create yours)

  • The importance of stories and persona in your marketing (and how to come up with these!)

The ‘Step 1’ Workbook:

Print out the Workbook for Step 1 and have it alongside you as you watch the lessons below. You’ll be able to record your notes and complete the required exercises as you watch!

>> Download the Step 1 Workbook <<


Lesson: Clarify Your Offer

This video (originally titled “email funnels for digital products part 1”, but ultimately is about clarifying your offer!) walks you through a CRITICAL exercise you need to do BEFORE you write any of your email sales copy or marketing materials.

This is a MUST WATCH lesson, followed up by an exercise with questions I want you to work on in your workbook.


Lesson: Develop your Signature Framework

You want to take your special sauce - the thing you offer or teach people - and turn it into a branded “signature” framework or method.

Watch the video to understand what I mean by this, and how you can use a few simple questions to illuminate your signature framework and apply it to your digital product.

Signature Framework Exercise:

  1. What’s the problem?

  2. What’s the opportunity?

  3. What’s the action?

  4. What were the results?

  5. Why did it work?

  6. What were the lessons learned?

Lesson: The importance of persona and story

This is a really important lesson. One of the things that is going to sell your product(s) better than anything else, is incorporating stories and your personality into your sales funnel. Make sure to watch this lesson to understand how to do that, and what homework you need to do NOW before you even write your sales funnel emails.

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