The METHOD: Foundation and Overview


Before we dive into The Passive Project Method, it is really important that you watch these videos.

I don’t want you to jump right into building out a funnel or writing some email copy. You need to have the right mindset in place and foundational pieces in check FIRST.

They will set the stage for everything you will learn inside of The Passive Project.

What we’re covering:

  • What my own definition of “passive income” really is

  • The importance of mindset - a critically important piece of the puzzle if you want success in your business (and life!)

  • Everything is data - A key understanding I need you to know before moving forward

  • Defining your specialty in your business

  • Thinking big picture

  • Your niche and target audience


Download your The Passive Project: Foundations Workbook (PDF) to go along with the video lessons below.


Lesson: What is “passive income”?

OK OK, we probably all know what passive income means, but let’s just get it out there so we’re all on the same page. There may be a few passive income ideas in here that might not have crossed your mind before!


Lesson: The Importance of Mindset

Changing a few key mindset beliefs is one of the most important pieces to success as an entrepreneur. Have a listen as to why, and start to think about how you can make a few key shifts for yourself.


Click here to download the Entrepreneur Affirmations Guide.


Lesson: Everything is Data

If you want to step into the role of CEO in your business, you MUST understand this lesson. I want you to step away from making emotionally-based decisions in your business, and move into data-driven decision making.

Lesson: Defining Your Specialty

This lesson is all around identifying your specialty.

Ultimately at the core of every successful business is a problem. There is a problem that your audience struggles with, and you are there to help them solve it. Watch the video below to dig deeper into this.

Lesson: The Big Picture

Time to do some major big thinking and brainstorming about your business. Watch the lesson and then take some time to complete this in your workbook!

Lesson: Niche and Target Audience

Let’s deep dive into niche and target audience. I know, I know.. you’ve probably done all this before. But it’s actually something I revisit regularly with my own businesses and I believe everybody should do the same.

Have a listen to the lesson and don’t skip out on the corresponding work in your workbook.

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Have these videos changed your thinking or perspective in some way?