The METHOD Step 4:


Goal: Increase the sales generated from your funnel by scaling up your lead generation using paid advertising and other methods

Welcome to Step 4!

Now that you have built out your funnel and are actively driving organic leads into it, it is time to scale up your sales!

People always want to jump to scaling their business quickly, but if they haven’t built a strong foundation first, then they are putting a lot of weight on shaky ground. It just isn’t smart and things will likely topple.

The Scale step consists of two phases:

  1. You need to be sure that your funnel is converting optimally. This means we need to do some data analysis, and potentially go back to tweaking our funnel first, so that we are getting the results we need before we scale.

  2. Once we are confident in our funnel conversion, then we can move into using paid advertising to scale our business. Using paid advertising will allow us to drive more leads faster than using just organic methods.

Step 4 Quick Links:

Lesson: Data Analysis for Scaling

Before we scale up our lead generation for our email funnel, we need to know whether our funnels are converting optimally. We also need to have a good handle on our data so that when we do scale, we can pinpoint any problems that might arise.

Data Tracker:

Click here for the ‘Data Tracker’ spreadsheet.

Open in Google Drive, click File —> “Make a Copy”. Save this to your own google drive and start filling out for your business!

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 11.11.56 AM.png

Lesson: Paid Advertising Overview

In this lesson we are going to talk about how your ad strategy fits into the overall picture of your business, along with some of the key things you need to consider as you step into this new phase.


Lesson: DIY vs. Outsourcing Your Ads

Should you tackle ads yourself, going the do-it-yourself route? Or does it make more sense to hire an ads manager? Watch the lesson for the advantages and disadvantages to each approach, and exactly what to ask when interviewing potential ad agencies.

Recommended Ad Agencies:

-Emily Hirsh Marketing Agency (this is my personal ad agency; tell them you were referred by Gemma Bonham-Carter!)

-Rachel McMichael Agency (Rachel also has a Facebook Ads course if you want to go the DIY route. It’s called the AcADemy.)