Passive Project: The METHOD


The Passive Project METHOD is a 5-step framework for getting consistent sales on auto-pilot and scaling a passive income business.

The idea is that we start with ONE. One lead magnet. One product. And one funnel. Once we have that under our belt, it’s converting well, and we are scaling it, then we can move on to diversifying our business with multiple products and funnels. This is not a “complete it once and be done” kind of process. This is a fundamental way of approaching your business as a CEO, and continually improving and growing your income and impact over time.

Click each step for video lessons, downloads, and more. Complete the lessons in the order they are presented.

Do not rush - take your time, really dig into each video and lesson, and TRUST the process.

Need to create your product?

If you haven’t created your first product to sell, or if you want to create additional products (like an online course or membership program) head to our Create Your Product section. We tackle things like how to validate your product idea, how to map out your product content, and so much more.

There are really important lessons, recommended software programs, and even a workbook!


The Passive Project Method:

Click for Step 4: Scale (Releasing May 2019)

Click for Step 5: Diversify (Releasing June 2019)