The Passive Project Video Series: Day #3

Welcome to Day #3 of The Passive Project video series! 

In this video, we are going through The Passive Project METHOD. This is the exact 5-step framework I use to consistently create and scale passive income streams within my business.


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So… this is it. This is YOUR time.

Let me ask you. What if it could be easy?

What if your business could make money on auto-pilot?

What if you didn’t have to hustle and do #allthethings?

What if there was less resistance?

What if you set goals and actually accomplished them?

I know that you are creative, talented, and driven. And I know that what you don’t need is yet another course. Don’t get me wrong, I love courses (I have created one!), but consuming more content isn’t always the answer. Often the answer is that we need to take action. We need to implement. And we need to do it alongside others.

I created The Passive Project because I want to help you get out of your own way and get things DONE. You don’t need to read more blog posts, take more courses, or try a million new things. What you do need is more accountability, a community (think of this like a co-working space for online entrepreneurs!), and strategic guidance.

What if you could stop spinning your wheels and actually change your life by growing a passive-income based business?


I thought so.

Can’t wait to see you inside The Passive Project!


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